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What is DVR Box ?

DVRBox is software that DVR Box is software that allows you to edit and convert DVR-MS video files. It can also be used to convert other format video files.

I first got the idea for this project when I read the excellent article written by Steven Toub (you can find it here) on dvr-ms conversion & editing. DVRBox uses managed DirectX to display and edit a dvr-ms file, it then converts the dvr-ms to an mpeg-2 file. The mpeg-2 file is then processed using mencoder to create an xVid, x264 or MPEG4 (xVid using lavc) .avi file.



  • xvid compression
  • x264 compression
  • dvr-ms editing
  • batch processing of dvr-ms files
  • automatic crop detection
  • Scheduled compression



Installation Instructions

  1. Download the necessary components
  2. Install MPlayer
  3. Install the Cyberlink MPEG Muxer & Dump Filter (These are commercial codecs, however, you should read this thread )
  4. Copy the DVRBox files into a directory
  5. Run DVRBox and setup the mencoder location and the Destination Directories


Coming Soon

  • Manual cropping
  • Directory scanning
  • Profiles
  • IPOD Support


If you need Support

Post a message on the forum (Sourceforge) and I'll help if I can.


Help with this project

If you want to help with this project, here are some suggestions:

  • Cash is always welcome :-) Donate
  • A better website (replacement for this page)
  • A logo & icon
  • A way of converting dvr-ms to mpeg without relying on the Cyberlink Filters
  • An installation program
  • Documentation